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Friday, September 2, 2011

The Pears have fallen/ Contributed by Evette

I am a fan of Chopped, Iron Chef America and the Food Network. In a chance meeting through a neighbor I met Chef Marco on the streets of Jersey City and just began to talk about this pear tree in my little yard. I had asked Chef if he wanted some pears....later that week he dropped by to pick up a brown bag full of pears that I had picked. After the pears had ripened to a point to release their aromatics and flavor, pear desserts arrived at my door step from Chef Marco. Not one but three different types of desserts with an accompanying tub of pear flavored ice cream and boy do I love desserts. I couldn't wait to dig in......mmmm. I ate the pear tart first with a dollop of ice cream on the side. The pears from tree were at full attention making a bold statement with such flavor and tenderness nestled on a buttery flaky glazed crusty pastry shell. The ice cream was gently flavored not to over power the pear was so good. Can"t wait to eat the other treats in the days to come.

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